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MySQL Enterprise Edition


MySQL Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive package that, in addition to a database, includes consulting support. It is also equipped with various added features such as optimized developing, managing, analysing and back up. With regards to web application development and operation, increased productivity, risk evasion, increased performance and increased operation safety have been realized.

For big scale websites and enterprise businesses thinking to adopt MySQL, please consider the MySQL Enterprise Edition which excels in reliability.


Followings are the features available with MySQL Enterprise Edition and not provided with the free download version.

MySQL Workbench EE Database creation and administration can be done visually instead of using the command prompt to directly enter SQL commands. SQL excesution, optimization, execution history, schema management, connection status, user authority/authentication management, export, import, E-R are visible and work efficiency is improved.
(The GPL-linsenced version of MySQL Workbench Community Edition is available with the free downlod version as well.)
MySQL Enterprise Backup Full back up, incremental back up, full recovery, point in time recovery and compression can be carried out. Safety of data can be guaranteed. Since back up is carried out periodically, when an error occurs or when a database is updating, the database can be safely restored.
MySQL Enterprise Monitor Monitoring the MySQL server, replication and query problem points can be detected and advice for performance improvement is offered. Environment improvement and optimization can be carried out.
MySQL Query Analyzer In a case where even several databases exist, after an entire analysis of query performance, application execution speed problems are solved. In combination with a MySQL connector plug-in, analysing applications made by PHP and .NET can be improved.
MySQL Enterprise Scalability In a big scale website or an environment where several processes are running simultaneously, this feature demonstrates it's power. If Sled Pool is used in a case of several processes, due to performance being nearly unaffected, even if sudden load up occurs prevention of slow down is possible.
MySQL Enterprise Audit With the audit log acquire function, even with a audit necessary application with this MySQL Enterprise Audit, MySQL is able to be used.
MySQL Enterprise Security External verification support. MySQL server user verification is compatible with LDAP, Windows AD, etc. From this, together with an existing user management system, security policy and operation integration is possible.
MySQL Enterprise High-Availability Clusterware, in combination with every type of high availability composition, gives support as an established composition. MySQL server templates that are suitable for OracleVM “applied high availability compositions” are offered.

For a complete list of MySQL Enterprise Edition features, please refer to Feature Comparison.


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