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MySQL Editions Lineup

MySQL Editions

Aside from a free downloadable Community Edition, MySQL has three types of Commercial Editions available for purchase. It includes a variety of support services such as business consulting and technical support, and additional features and tools for high quality performance and efficiency. You can choose the most appropriate Edition for your requirements.

MySQL Standard Edition

Practically no technical difference from Community Edition, but the included support services enable you to perform the whole process with peace of mind.

MySQL Enterprise Edition

Additional enterprise-class features such as backup, monitoring, thread pooling, and audit logging are included with high quality and reliablity. Learn more

MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition

With its distributed, shared-nothing architecture, in-memory real-time performance and more, MySQL Cluster is carefully designed to deliver 99.999% availability.Learn more

Feature Comparison

Feature Standard Enterprise Cluster
MySQL Database
MySQL Connector
MySQL Replication
MySQL Fabric NA
MySQL Partitioning NA
MySQL Utilities NA
MySQL Workbench SE/EE*
Storage Engine: MyISAM
Storage Engine: InnoDB
Storage Engine: NDB NA NA
MySQL Enterprise Monitor* NA
MySQL Query Analyzer* NA
MySQL Enterprise Backup* NA
MySQL Enterprise Security* NA
MySQL Enterprise Audit* NA
MySQL Enterprise Scalability* NA
MySQL Enterprise High-Availability* NA
MySQL Cluster Manager* NA NA
MySQL Cluster Remote Replication NA NA

* Features only available with commercial editions


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