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HeartCore Task Mining Controlio Use Cases

CASE01: Operation Improvement in Remote Work and Telework

"I'm too busy to do that kind of work.”
- while saying such things, some might actually be playing games, chatting for a long time, or watching TV or reading magazines during their work hours.
HeartCore Task Mining Controlio can extract detailed information such as when and what applications were opened and how many hours they were active.
By reducing unnecessary waiting time, it results in business cost reduction and improved profit margin. In addition, since it allows for well-considered information security, we provide a system that does not make you feel insecure about using confidential files while working remotely.

CASE02: Preliminary Analysis for RPA Introduction

Data shows that approximately 60% of companies that have implemented RPA are not satisfied with its implementation, and 30% have failed to implement it.
HeartCore Task Mining Controlio extracts factual data in the form of PC operation logs, allowing drill-down analysis of what tasks are really time-consuming and whether the processes associated with them are appropriate.
This can lead to risk reduction when introducing RPA.

CASE03: Discovery and Improvement of Business Bottlenecks

Not only can business processes themselves be optimized by eliminating redundant or unnecessary processes, but also employee idle time can be reduced.
Furthermore, by reducing wasted time such as waiting hours and repetitive tasks, business efficiency is improved and overtime hours can be reduced.

HeartCore Task Mining Controlio: Analysis Report

HeartCore Task Mining Controlio outputs various reports necessary for business improvement.

HeartCore Task Mining Controlio Analysis Report


This report displays a time distribution by employee activities, such as applications or websites.
It also shows activities by category and productivity level, making it clear which activities are taking up most of your team's time.


This report reflects employee activity for a single day and measures productivity during working hours. You can get a detailed view of employee activity for the chosen interval of time.
Click on the activity image next to an employee's name to view the percentage of time the employee is resting, working, productive, neutral, or distracting.
See exactly what your employees were doing during their active time. You can also set the report's active days and the length of the reporting period.


You can have a high-level report of activities, grouped into categories. You can quickly see which processes your employees spend their time on.
It’s visualized with charts, so it’s easy to compare Business and Social Networking time spent. You can navigate to Entertainment to see if any blacklisted websites have been viewed.


A comparison of all employees is displayed.
See who is most active and who is working away from the computer. Clicking on a username below the graph will take you to the activity report page for the selected user.


The Productivity Score measures your team's productivity level. Productivity levels are calculated as a percentage ranging from 0% to 100%.
This indicator is calculated by monitoring and measuring your team's active use of applications and websites. The calculation is measured in units of time, which are then categorized in parameters (‘productivity levels’) that show your team's time as either Very productive, Productive, Neutral, Distracting, or Very distracting.
The indicator is displayed as a percentage.
A single click on the parameter heading provides access to a more detailed report on all categories of productivity. For example, you can find out exactly which activities were productive for your team and which were distracting. This allows the team to make informed decisions about how to spend their time.



This report shows search phrases and the search engine name for every user in your organization.
Separate from the web activity, this report is a better tool to pinpoint issues in your company or understand problems in specific tasks.


USB drives have become a major security problem. Taking files to an external storage is also a major problem. The risk is that team members will steal company intellectual property by storing work on a private flash drive.
Additionally, one of the most important security measures an organization can take is the need to keep viruses or malware programs out of its IT systems. These malicious computer viruses can easily infect and cause significant damage from email, external storage and the web.
The File Report shows all file actions taken by team members on every computer they access. You will know exactly who created, renamed, copied, or deleted a file.
To view only flash drive operations and search operations, you can use the Removables checkbox filter to search for paths or file names. All the records are linked with snapshot images or video recordings, so you can find the video fragment of running a certain search request in seconds.


The email monitoring function helps you understand how productive your team is when it comes to email usage.
The Email report gives you a view of the correspondence productivity per team member. You will be able to see how much correspondence is sent by/to your employees. You can select which team members or sub-departments you need to monitor and the specific period for each report.


Printing is another risk to the security of the organization’s intellectual property. Unmanaged printing can also increase operating expenses and decrease efficiencies.
Controlio helps you monitor and manage your team’s printing with yet another detailed report that can be pulled off the system. The Printing report lets you see what and how much is being printed by each team member. This can go a long way in helping you curb unnecessary expenditure and increase the security of your team’s intellectual property.

HeartCore Task Mining Controlio: Features for Administrators

Cross-sectional view of each user's usage

View of each user's usage

Take snapshots or Record video of each user's usage and screen operations, which can be replayed by the administrator.

  • Take snapshots
  • Record video of each user's usage and screen operations

HeartCore Task Mining Controlio: Security Features

Behavioral action monitoring function

Behavior Alerts

The Alert section shows records of violations of conditions that are defined by a set of Behavior Rules (for example, accessing social media sites such as Facebook, inserting USB removables, etc.) that take place on monitored users’ computers. This section will display the following information: time of the event, name of the user, name of the computer, and the type of violation (event).

Behavior Rules

This section allows you to create rules for the members of your team, increasing team efficiency and productivity. For example, you can block access to game applications, or prohibit certain Internet keyword searches. When any rule is triggered, it creates an alert for the Alerts report. And you can create a rule to block any type of activity, or to not block, but just collect alerts.
For example, you can prohibit websites visited, keystrokes typed, certain applications launched, USB media inserted, etc. Each event type will have its own specific settings when setting up a rule.

Web Filtering

Any action can be controlled.
HeartCore TaskMining Controlio provides a comprehensive web filtering solution for your network. With a set of allow and deny rules, you can create the web filtering policies you need as follows.

  • Block all websites except those whitelisted for specific users and departments
  • Block adult, social, and IM chat sites with a few clicks
  • More than just blocking: redirect or return custom HTML responses on denied pages
  • Alerts

    Get email notifications about attempts to access prohibited websites

    HTTPS filtering

    Block access to specific websites.


    Block by HTML keywords or use an updateable domain database with 80+ categories

    Behavior Rules

    Email Monitoring

    Find and prevent data leaks. It helps you reduce leaks of critical information and get a better idea of your employees' email communications.
    HeartCore Task Mining Controlio can capture and save all email messages sent and received via web services such as Gmail and Outlook.com, SMTP and POP3 protocols, and MS Exchange messages from MS Outlook.
    All email information (time, sender, recipient, subject, body, and attachments) is captured. Captured emails can be filtered by any parameter or searched by any keywords.

    Email Monitoring

    HeartCore Task Mining Controlio: Additional Features


    All necessary items (user, computer, website/application name, window title, date/time) are recorded for quick searches and data filtering.
    You can specify a list of programs to capture keystrokes from web browsers, email clients, MS Office applications, etc.
    Reports record both letter/number and special keys and display them in a convenient, easy-to-read style.