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The copyrights of all materials such as designs, pictures, and information on Heartcore, Inc. worldwide web server (“Server”) are owned by Heartcore Inc. (“Heartcore”) or its original authors. In addition, the copyright of each page is owned by Heartcore, Inc. as a compilation or database work protected by copyright law. Users who access the Server may browse pages, but may not display them publicly for commercial purposes. You may also download or print out pages, designs, pictures, or information for personal use unless Heartcore, Inc. prohibits or limits it. You may not use pages, designs, pictures, or information for any other purpose or situation except as described above. Please be aware that you may not send or distribute copies of the pages, designs, pictures, or information which you download or print out to any other unspecified person or people.


Company, service, and product names on the Server are registered trademarks or trademarks. Please confirm detailed trademark information mentioned on each page.

Suggestion policy

Heartcore, Inc. receives suggestions (“Suggestions”) such as ideas, technologies for its products, services, marketing, and other proposals. However, Heartcore, Inc. has a policy not to accept any Suggestion because of any potential confusion or unintended similarity to technology or products between the third party and Heartcore, Inc.. If the third party sends its Suggestion to Heartcore, Inc. in spite of this policy, then the Suggestion will be treated with the understanding that it agrees to the following terms:

Heartcore, Inc. is not responsible for the confidentiality of the contents of the Suggestion. Heartcore, Inc. cannot respond to the third party about the Suggestion.

In principle, Heartcore, Inc. returns Suggestions without considering or evaluating the content. If the third party cannot receive the Suggestion even though Heartcore, Inc. has sent it back, Heartcore, Inc. doesn’t take any responsibility for it.

Even if Heartcore, Inc. adopts any identical or similar idea to the Suggestion, Heartcore, Inc. has no responsibility.

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You may navigate to other websites through links. Heartcore, Inc. has no responsibility for the contents with the use of any linked website.


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