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HeartCore scales joy and happiness
in the digital experience.

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ーOur Mission

We are happiness provider

You all might think:
What's a "Happiness provider"? Isn't it an IT company?

We take this philosophy very seriously.

For example, when you want to buy clothes, what do you think about when you buy clothes?
"I'm going on a date," "I'm going on a trip," "I'm going out," and so on.
imagining where you are happy and having fun.

In other words, customers buy HeartCore products as a means to achieve their own happiness.

HeartCore, Inc. is a company that helps customers achieve happiness.
We are not a company that only sells products.
If our customers are not happy, there is no point in using our products.

We are happiness provider.

ーOur Customer

791 customers (Total for all customers as of June 2021)
No.1* CMS market share in Japan



IPO consulting services

Go IPO, our consulting services are based on our experience and achievements, and we are absolutely confident that we can provide unparalleled services. This service can only be provided by HeartCore, which knows the differences between the Japanese and U.S. markets and has actually gone public.
Our goal: "The best digital experience"
for everyone.
By proactively adopting and incorporating cutting-edge digital technologies into its products, HeartCore helps companies in a variety of industries and business categories create the best possible digital experiences.

Our goal is to make our customers smile and be happy.

We are working with the hope that the future will be happy, with digital technology firmly rooted in our daily lives.If you are interested, please contact us.


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