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History of Heartcore, Inc.

Jun. 2009 XyXon, Inc. established, Sumitaka Kanno appointed as the president and CEO
Jul. 2009 Increased capital to 50,040,000 JPY
Oct. 2013 Cooperared with translation company, TransPerferct
Nov. 2014 Cooperated with LiquidPixels, Inc. and launched dynamic imaging services
Jun. 2015 Cooperated with PredictionIO and started development of AI functionalities
Sep. 2015 Increased capital to 50,060,000 JPY
Jun. 2016 Launched HeartCore CXM AI & Campaign with AI engine
Jun. 2017 Relocated head office for expansion of operations
Jan. 2018 Launched RPA HeartCore Robo
May 2018 Launched CICERO (RPA analysis tool)
Jun. 2018 Changed company name to Heartcore, Inc.
Jul. 2018 Increased capital to 101,004,000 JPY
Aug. 2018 Increased capital to 119,004,000 JPY
Aug. 2018 Obtained ISO27001 certification
Mar. 2019 Launched the Japanese Version of myInvenio(process mining tool)
Jul. 2019 Cooperated with Pasona Inc. for "Business Reform Support Service" by Process Mining
Jul. 2019 "HeartCore CMS" cooperared with Wing ARC's Document Data Utilization Solution "SPA"
Aug. 2019 Launched HeartCore CXM Cloud, a Headless Digital Experience Platform
Dec. 2019 Increased capital to 144,024,000 JPY
Mar. 2020 Launched the Task Mining Tool "Controlio"
Mar. 2020 Launched the VR Solution "VR360"
Jun. 2020 Increased capital to 194,064,000 JPY
Oct. 2020 Registered as a regular member of the Association of Process Mining Japan(APMJ)
Feb. 2021 Process mining service (myInvenio private cloud service) obtained ISO27017 certification
Jun. 2021 Concluded an exclusive sales contract with Apromore Pty Ltd. for the process mining tool "Apromore" in Japanese market
Jul. 2021 Became a 100% subsidiary of HeartCore Enterprises, Inc. (established in Delaware, USA)
Sep. 2021 Launched the remote customer service tool "Remosis" as an option for "VR360"


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