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MySQL Database Comparison


Comparing features, MySQL is superior to PostgreSQL and Oracle in terms of the speed and ease of use. It used to have a technical issue with lack of transaction support; however, it has improved with version upgrades. It includes a number of functions by default, most of which require additional purchases or third-party software in other products. MySQL customers receive high quality support, as Oracle provides assistance despite the fact that it is an open source database. MySQL is the most well known database software with many all-purpose features.

Feature Comparison

Below shows the detailed results of comparison.

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MySQL PostgreSQL Oracle
Overview RDBMS originally developed by MySQL AB in Sweden. Currently under control of Oracle. Open source ORDBMS developed by PostgreSQL Global Development Group Commercial RDBMS developed and provided by Oracle
Features Multiple storage engines (MyISAM, InnoDB etc.) available. High quality and user friendly features are evaluated. Defacto standard database for websites, known as a part of LAMP. Automatic database management and extensions. Additional architecture enables deleting using a flag without physically erasing data. Using delete and insert for updating causes large data volumes. This problem will be addressed in a future release. Good for many kinds of platforms. Stable in practice with Oracle Corp.’s high quality support. Use of features will cost time and money.
Market Share Most widely used in the world. Accounts for 80% of users in database software survey. According to database software research, used to have over 50% share in Japanese companies. Has decreased recently and is almost the same as MySQL. Large share based on the software survey of total sales.
License Dual-licensing:
- GPL license
- Commercial license
BSD license Commercial license
Difficulty of development Low
(easiest to use)
(some difficulty in operation and commands)
Speed Fast
(Faster than PostgreSQL / Oracle)
(Slower than MySQL)
(partially not supported)
Replication ?
(third-party required)
Partitioning ?
(optional lincense required)
(VACUUM cleanup required)
Row lock
Read exclusive lock data
Stored Procedure
Point in Time
Support Oracle and other vendors Vendors - support quality varies Oracle


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