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MySQL Cluster 7.3 New Features

MySQL Cluster 7.3 New Features

Foreign key constraints

Foreign key constraints were not implemented in MySQL Cluster (the NDB storage engine). It is also true that this was a major factor that made users hesitant to adopt MySQL Cluster. In order to eliminate the problem, foreign key constraints are made available to use in MySQL Cluster 7.3. This will reduce the amount of required SQL, therefore it will improve the performance and enhance the efficiency of development and maintenance.

Connection Thread Scalability

The giant lock referred to as Transporter Mutex had been a bottleneck. In MySQL Cluster 7.3, we split or replaced the lock with fine-grained locks to resolve the problem, and greatly improved the performance of SQL nodes. As a result, high performance can be achieved even with small number of SQL nodes.

JavaScript / Node.js API

Regarding NoSQL API, MySQL Cluster has already included various APIs such as C++, Memcached, Java, JPA and HTTP/REST. Now, MySQL Cluster 7.3 newly added a Javascript connector for node.js. This allows server-side Javascript to shorten response time by executing query without data transformations into SQL.

Integration with MySQL 5.6

Various features that have been added and enhanced in MySQL 5.6 are also reflected in MySQL Cluster 7.3 as they are integrated. The performance was significantly improved by adding a join algorithm called Batched Key Access (BKA). When Push Down Join is unavailable due to a limitation, it is also possible to supplement the feature by BKA.

MySQL 5.6 New Features


Auto-Installer is provided to simplify the setup process of MySQL Cluster which was always believed to be complex. This wizard-driven GUI automatically constructs the environment by entering the server information for setup and various settings. As it also supports deployment for remote servers, it becomes unnecessary to work with multiple servers separately anymore.


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