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MySQL Enterprise Backup


MySQL replication and clustering technology has dramatically increased its availability, yet taking backups is still crucial for unexpected failures. You can use MySQL Enterprise Backup to save database data at the given date and time, which can be restored back into database later as needed.
The backup and restore features may be required in many cases, such as recovering from an unexpected failure or updating of the database server configuration. MySQL Enterprise Backup offers a number of backup, restore and compression options that can deal with various situations.


Full Backup Backup all data in InnoDB.
Incremental Backup Backup data that has been added or changed since the last backup.
Partial Backup Backup particular tables or table spaces.
InnoDB Table Online Backup Backup InnoDB table online while processing queries and updates.
Hot and Cold Backup Support Backup MySQL either online or offline.
Full Restore Restore from a full backup.
Point in Time Recovery (PITR) Recover data changes made since a given point in time.
Roll Forward Recovery Recover data from backup to a specific transaction.
Partial Restore Restore a specific table or tablespace.
Restore to another server Restore a database to another database server as a replication.
Storage Engine
Compress Backup Compress InnoDB backup. (max. 70-90%)
Corruption Detection Execute page checksum when copying InnoDB data and log files.
Task Synchronization Synchroize backup task and other task.
Backup only actual data Exclude unused blocks from backup to reduce the size of backup file.
High Performance Faster backup and recovery
Unlimited Database Size Allow a large database
Scriptable Interface Command Line Interface enables intergration within scheduling tasks.
Backup Verification Data safety is guaranteed as backup data is verified before recovery.
Backup multiple storage engine Possible to back up InnoDB, MyISAM, Merge, Partition and Archive
MyISAM Table Backup Possible to read/write from/into MyISAM table during InnoDB table backup.
Possible to read from but not write into MyISAM table during MyISAM table backup
MySQL Enterprise Edition functions
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