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MySQL, the world's most popular database

About MySQL

MySQL is an open source database software used by a huge number of websites and web systems, it is currently the most widely known database software in the world.

Its performance and ease of use is recognized by developers around the world, allowing them to reduce administration cost, time, and efforts. Also having replication, back-up, and recovery functions, it excels in data reliability.

At the present, developing websites by CMS is trending. Overseas and large Japanese companies have proactively adopted CMS and the importance of that is continuing to rise. In CMS also, MySQL is used and the management of content is carried out. With Heartcore, Inc.'s CMS (HeartCore), a wide variety of databases can be handled and it is also compatible with MySQL. Installing MySQL's initial database is simple. After installation, if a connected installation can be run to HeartCore with the database, creating a website can be started faster than with another database. MySQL's automatic management function supports developers, so developing with HeartCore can be focused on. Also, with the combination of HeartCore and MySQL, high data reliability is guaranteed, so website management can be carried out with peace of mind.

By applying to website databases and CMS, MySQL is a foundation for websites around the world and supports users in various forms.

MySQL's history and Heartcore, Inc.'s strengths

MySQL was originally developed based on UNIREG and mSQL as an in-house data management tool, and version 1.0 was released in 1995. Unlike other open source software, it had been managed under MySQL AB, in 2008, however, the ownership rights moved to San Microsystems. And MySQL has been in the control of Oracle since 2010.

With an abundance of experiences in website development using MySQL, Heartcore, Inc. has been providing MySQL licenses, installation support and consulting services as one of the major MySQL partners in Japan. Above all, Heartcore, Inc. has the best track record in Japan in the highest availability technology, MySQL Cluster.

Also, due to a partnership agreement with MariaDB - which comprises former MySQL AB members including the father of MySQL, Mr.Michael "Monty" Widenius, Heartcore, Inc. is able to support legacy versions of MySQL.



MySQL can be used on the Linux, Unix and Windows platform and is compatible with PHP, Perl, Java and .NET languages. Also, standard database language SQL is supported

Ease of Use

A complete download and installation can be accomplished in a short time. The procedures and operation commands are simple enough to start using the created database right after installation.The system is multi-user and multitask friendly, allowing any user to manipulate without feeling stressed. Also, since it is an open source, users themselves are able to add their customized features.

Cost and Time Reduction

You can choose either a free or commercial license. A free license is available as long as there is no redistribution. Using MySQL for system development helps you reduce development costs, and due to its top-notch management and data security, you can save troubleshooting labor costs as well as system repair costs and time. In practical operation, automatic space expansion, automatic restart and dynamic configuration changes are implemented, saving time for database administrators.

Secure Data

To protect data from corruption and leakage, access restriction and data leakage prevention features are provided. Also logical back-up, physical back-up, complete recovery, and point of recovery are available, so data back-up or restoration can be carried out with peace of mind.

Technical Information

Besides a number of books, there are various MySQL related sites on the Internet where users can obtain technical information.


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