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Customer eXperience Management

“Catalog” to “Marketing Platform”

Implementation and automation of “Omotenashi” on a website

Website is not a catalog!

Websites used to be nothing more than a digital catalog or brochure, where the same information was displayed to every visitor. As technology has evolved, however, the role played by a website has dramatically changed. Today, it is becoming increasingly common for organizations to deliver content optimized and personalized for each visitor to their website.

What is essential for future websites?

What we believe is essential for future websites is implementation and automation of “Omotenashi”.
To make it happen, the first and most important thing is to know who your visitors are.
It is not possible to provide the best information to visitors without knowing them.
- ”Omotenashi” is a Japanese word that means the Japanese spirit of hospitality to welcome, treat and entertain visitors/guests/customers wholeheartedly.

3 steps for successful digital marketing


What begins it all is to know “who” your audience is.

Various ways to identify visitors

such asIP addresses

Through IP addresses of the visitors accessing your website, you can retrieve different information regarding the organizations they belong to and the locations they are in - for example: company name, business type, sales amount, number of employees, company address, phone number, country, city, timezone, and weather data. This makes it possible especially for B2B companies to display content dynamically according to the information retrieved from IP addresses.

such asDMPs

DMPs (Data Management Platform) are widely used in recent years for retargeting ads online. With HeartCore CXM, you can utilize DMPs for dynamic, conditional content delivery and identification of website visitors as well.

such asSocial media

DMPs (Data Management Platform) are widely used in recent years for retargeting ads online. With HeartCore CXM, you can utilize DMPs for dynamic, conditional content delivery and identification of website visitors as well.

CXM (Customer eXperience Management) enables you
to visualize customers through various paths only with simple settings.

When considering about customer journey, one of the most important information is to “understand a customer”.
In order to understand a customer via web marketing, the only method might be to establish conversion points such as memebr registration. However HeartCore is now able to visualize the customer image without having to use such processes, but by contact devices and diversified channels. HeartCore CXM does not require any customization or professional programs by IT team. With only simple settings, customers with various pathways can be visualized. From the audience attributes and behaviors, short-term, middle-term, and long-term context will be captured to embody and propose what the audience wants and needs now and in the future, at the best timing.


Dynamic approach to individual customers
- create values and benefits

The way to make it realized

We realize it through the technology
called “CXM” (Customer eXperience Management).

A strategy is more important than technology to create a good customer experience. It is essential for organizations who start customer experience initiatives to understand who their customers are, and develop various touchpoints based on the customer context. Technology is what supports such customer experience initiatives to succeed.


Segmentation through various points of view

Segmentation can be configured through various points of view - any combination of different data. Demographic data includes gender, age, resident area and so on, behavioral data includes page visit histories, product purchase histories and so on.
With intuitive operation of drag and drop, the number of target users is visualized in real time.


Provides customers with personalized and optimized content

Provides real-time personalization.
According to the user segmentation and scoring, personalized content is automatically displayed in real time.
For example, attract female visitors in their 20s with figures and pictures, while using graphs and numbers for male visitors in their 30s. Also, offer a discount to visitors who have products left in the shopping cart.

A/B testing

Eliminates subjective views, Provides scientific options

AB test results may differ among audiences or segments.
HeartCore's AB test allows you to find the best results both for unspecified, general audiences and a specific cluster of audiences.
With this advanced feature, any touch points can be dynamically optimized and maximized for individual visitors.

Master audience profile

Displays specific user and segment information inclusively

Information such as access history, visiting frequency, and also the number of access according to location, smartphone or PC access etc., can all be visualized for every audience.
Various segments like below can be created on the fly.
- Accessing from smartphones
- Visited specific campaign pages
- Purchased product A but not product B

HeartCore CXM is designed
to provide the best experience based on "science".

Embody the future, Offers even potential wants and needs

"Tomorrow's decisions are being shaped today." - one of the most famous quotes from Peter Ferdinand Drucker. HeartCore CXM allows you to find "the future that has already happened."

For example, even for an audience who has never made any conversion, it is possible to visualize what kind of actions the audience has taken at every touch point, therefore you can picture a scenario such as "assuming this audience can be segmented into the cluster customers in which have taken the similar actions, and try to lead the audience to the conversion point that most of the cluster audiences have experienced first."
What is important here is that the conversion target is often a product or service which you can never imagine from their action histories. This is one of the remarkable examples showing potential wants and needs derived from the data which has actually happened.

Mixture of science and art provides experiences that suite customer stories

The widely used recommendation approach has brought successful results to a lot of companies. These recommendation methods, however, are focal filtering based on the relevance among products. The story of a customer is not a focal thing and continues from past to future, which is the fact that is often ignored. If you are recommended to purchase a new TV right after purchased one, you will never find it a valuable experience.

HeartCore provides customer experience management based on "science" such as finding the future and segmenting audiences from a large amount of data by a mathematical and statistical approach. In addition to this, it is designed to allow marketers to add their own experience as as skillful art.
“Science” and “art” are both essential elements for successful digital marketing.


Every feature you need for successful digital marketing
is here.

HeartCore CXM includes all CMS
(content management) features as well.

HeartCore Core service is a multi-functional next generation website management platform that has a dominant market share in Japan. So far, when considering of campaign strategies by utilizing content management and MA (marketing automation), there were only systems or services that are specialized or short of either of them. While introduced, redundant data management and additional tools may become necessary as a result. HeartCore CXM solves such longtime dilemmas.

Customer eXperience Management

Digital Marketing Success
achieved with HeartCore CXM

- Anticipate and Predict -

Accumulate all kinds of data to enable variety of actions to be performed based on the needs

For increased accuracy, it is critically important to deliver information optimized based on the various data.
Currently there are only a few products in the world that can do this, and HeartCore is one of them.
Besides, HeartCore also provides heatmap and AI capabilities, which is unique to HeartCore.


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