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May 24, 2022
HeartCore, Inc.

News Release

HeartCore launches operation improvement consulting service for call centers.
〜Operational analysis reduced post-processing and increased the number of orders by 15%.〜

HeartCore Inc.(Headoffice:Shinagawa-city, Tokyo, President:Sumitaka Kanno, hereafter HeartCore) announces that it has launched an operation improvement consulting service for call centers, utilizing task mining and process mining.

With the suppression of business travel due to the Covid-19 and the spread of telework due to reforms in work styles, the administrative tasks of call centers scattered around the country and at various homes have become more complicated. In addition, the demand for call centers continues to increase with the penetration of mail order sales.

Therefore, HeartCore, a leading task and process mining company in Japan, has decided to launch an operation improvement consulting service for call centers.

At the call center already supported, operational analysis has reduced post-processing by 20%, and lateral deployment of the high-performer response process has led to a 15% increase in the number of orders received. In addition, while strict adherence to operational rules is required for handling customer information, visualization of operations has led to significant improvements, including an 80% reduction in rule violations. In addition to this, by adding contact channel analysis, we are able to switch to more efficient contact channels and reduce costs.

    Main Improvement Items

  • ・Increase in number of orders
  • ・Reduction of average lead time
  • ・Cost reductions through operational efficiencies
  • ・Strict adherence to operational rules

Call Center Operation Analysis Image

HeartCore will continue to support companies in their DX efforts by providing industry-specific analysis and improvement through its lineup of solutions for various industries.

About HeartCore

Trade name :
HeartCore, Inc.
Representative :
President and Representative Director CEO Sumitaka Kanno
Location :
Shirakiji Bldg. 3F, 1-2-33, Higashi-gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0022 Japan
Founded :
June 2009
Description of Business:
Development, sales, and maintenance of various solutions that support digital transformation (DX)
     ■Development, sales, and maintenance of CMS (content management) and CXM (customer experience management) using digital marketing technology
     ■Development, sales, and maintenance of RPA (robotics process automation)
     ■Sales and maintenance of process mining solutions "myInvenio" and "Apromore"
     ■Sales and maintenance of CONTROLIO, a task mining solution
     ■Sales and maintenance of 3D-VR shooting (Matterport) + original service "VR360"
     ■Management Consultant
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