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HeartCore customers

HeartCore customer interviews

HeartCore has been adopted by over 791 Japanese companies. (as of June 2021)

Here are the customer interviews. Some of them are provided in Japanese language only.

  • NetAdvance Inc.

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  • Medical & Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd.

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  • IDOM Inc.

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  • ABC Cooking Studio Co., Ltd.

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  • Tokyu Department Store Co., Ltd.

  • Hibiya Kadan Floral Co., Ltd.

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  • Murauchi Furniture Access Co., Ltd.

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  • Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.

    Japan Airlines provides a total of 60 international global websites for 26 countries. Search engine rankings have been further improved since the implementation of HeartCore.

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  • SuperStream Inc.

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  • J-Stream Inc.

  • Hitachi Systems, Ltd.

Customers in Japan


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