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For Optimal Customer Experiences, HeartCore CMS / CXM

Successful Track Records

HeartCore has been adopted by various types of industries
all over the world.

Customers in Japan


Market share

2020, in Japan

Personalize content for each and every individual, Visualize CVR improvement steps

HeartCore enables you to provide the best content optimized for each individual customer by analyzing what website visitors are looking for and expecting. You can also visualize content or link structures that need to be improved for better CVR by utilizing A/B testing and scoring capabilities that HeartCore provides. This drastically streamlines your PDCA cycle.

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No.1* CMS market share in Japan, Increase operational efficiency with the best quality content management

HeartCore covers all features necessary for enterprise-class CMS including integration with external systems, advanced in-site search and multi-language support with great performance, and has been adopted by a huge number of listed companies as their strategic web platform.

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Existing features

HeartCore features



Management realizes
super high-speed PDCA cycle

In addition to the digital marketing features, HeartCore is equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence) that automatically perform user analysis and A/B testing.
This means you can drastically reduce operational man-hours which is always one of the big problems
when you try to practice web marketing such as personalization.
HeartCore also has a campaign management (marketing automation) capability which enables you to
distribute automated emails and social posts triggered by user behaviors.

Existing PDCA

  • Plan hypothesis
  • Analyze segment
  • Create content
  • Run A/B testing
  • Analyze results
  • Improve content


  • Create content
  • Improve content
man-hours max.
% reduced

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