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791 domestic customers (Total for all customers as of June 2021)
Japanese No.1* market share CMS

All-in-One package
for successful digital marketing

HeartCore is a dynamic content management system
widely introduced into a huge number of strategic websites.
Furthermore, HeartCore provides all functions necessary for successful digital marketing,
including capabilities that enable to deliver personalized experiences to customers, facilitate data-driven campaign measurements, and more.

HeartCore meets customers' needs

HeartCore provides a wide range of solutions that meet customers' needs.

Digital Marketing practice

HeartCore analyzes what visitors are looking for and expecting
to deliver the best content optimized for individual customers.

Main features

  • Easy and rich imaging
  • Personalized content
  • Detailed target analysis

Efficient content management

HeartCore covers all features necessary for enterprise-class CMS including integration with external systems, advanced in-site search
and multi-language support, and has been adopted by a huge number of listed companies as their strategic web platform.

Main features

  • Bulk migration of existing website
  • Advanced in-site search
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi-device support
  • Traffic boosting capability

Next generation system with AI

HeartCoreCXM is equipped with the lastest AI, which automatically determines what kind of creative assets are effective for what kind of users. This allows you to develop an advanced, flexible personalization scenario precisely.

Main features

  • Machine-learning user attributes and bahaviors
  • Auto-detection of the most effective creative asset
  • Ai-driven automatic optimization of CVR

No.1* market share in Japan

HeartCore customers numbers 791 Enterprise Customers. (Total for all customers as of June 2021)

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Introduction Support Services

Heartcore, Inc. provides the following three services to support your HeartCore introduction processes.

Strong Partnership Network

Professional partners lead your HeartCore projects to success.

Specialties and experiences facilitate
the whole process for your special requirements


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