For Optimal Customer Experiences, HeartCore CMS / CXM

Ever-evolving CMS package, HeartCore

HeartCore core service provides all necessary website management and application functions.

Website technology is developing rapidly, while CMS is changing on a large scale, evolving from content management systems to systems that utilize content. With functions such as static site to dynamic site that enable information transmission with user needs, compliance to multiple devices, connection to social network service sites, multiple sites and global site management, connection to EC, CRM and big data, SEO LPO marketing function to increase sales, strengthen site security.

Core service application examples

Why HeartCore?

What can HeartCore do?

The function of HeartCore is separated into three main aspects: website development, marketing support, system integrations. Further details are explained as below:

Rapidly increasing customers

HeartCore has been adopted by major companies, government offices, and educational institutions, and successfully introduced in over 3,500 overseas companies and 450 companies in Japan. (as of May 2017)

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Rapidly increasing customers


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