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Management Philosophy

We are happiness provider

Our management philosophy is "We are a happiness provider."
Isn't a company called HeartCore an IT company? Doesn't it sell software? Not exactly,We are a happiness provider that provides our customers with happiness.
We value this philosophy very much.

For example, how do you feel when you buy clothes?
You didn't buy clothes because you wanted them
「I'm going on a date」、「I'm going on a trip」、「I'm going out」、
you thought you would wear that dress and buy it imagining a fun place.

When do customers buy our products?
I believe that very few customers buy HeartCore products because they want them.
Customers may be thinking, "I want to use HeartCore products to achieve my company's goals," or "I want to transform my company into something like this in the future. I think that's why people buy our products.

In other words, customers are buying HeartCore products as a way to make themselves happy. Customers should be happy with any product from a rival company, as long as it makes them happy.
What makes us different from other companies is that we do not think that selling is enough, but we want to be a company that works together with our customers to make their dreams come true until the end.

There's one more important thing.
In order to make people happy, the staff must be happy in order to make it happen. Because you can't make people happy if you are unhappy.
So we are providing a platform for all our employees and staff to be happy.
In other words, we HeartCore believe that we are a company that helps our customers achieve happiness. We are not a company that sells products, because our existence is meaningless unless our customers are happy.


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