Turn real space into digital content VR360

"VR360" isVR(Matterport)+Content Service

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【Online】VR360 Seminar on Tuesday, November 30, 2021, 15:00 - 15:45 Japan time

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What is"VR360"

VR360 is "Spatial Imaging(Matterport)"+"Original Service"+"Maintenance"
Facilities captured by 3D cameras can be effectively utilized on the web.
This is an unprecedented service that will make visitors happy and satisfied by embedding audio and images
and setting up links to guide them.
  • Set Contents

    Embed all kinds of information

    You can embed text, URL links, images, audio, video, etc.

  • Analyse customrer action

    Hospitality in the VR space

    "Welcome! The entrance is on your left." This can be communicated via speech bubble or voice.

  • e-commerce

    Can be customized

    By combining various functions, you can create your original VR360.

What benefits of"VR360"

  • Reduction Work Environment

    Cost reduction for immediate use

    Use your facility as digital content.
    Shorter and less expensive than full CG VR space

  • New space different from competitors

    New Space PR
    Differentiation from other companies

    Space guidance that cannot be conveyed by photos and videos is possible.
    Recommended for the 5G era.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    Improving satisfaction
    Speed up decision-making

    3D digital allows you to check the content on the web and increase your satisfaction.
    It's more obvious than a picture or text.

Experience it for yourself!

※Please click on the following. We will guide you with voice and sound.

Case Studies

    Case Study 01Company Profile/Recruitment

    Mitsubishi Shoji & Sun Co.,Ltd.
  • Development in the owned media "Tomony".

    We conducted a company profile using VR360 for "Tomony", an owned media operated by Mitsubishi Shoji & Sun Co.

    VR360 of Tomony case
    ■ About『Tomony』
    Tomony is a website that provides useful information to people in various positions related to the employment of people with disabilities, with the aim of creating work opportunities for people with disabilities and realizing a system that allows people with and without disabilities to continue working together in companies.
    【Expectations and benefits of using VR360】
    1. We would like to hold an office tour even at COVID-19.

      →Recreate office space on the web using 3D camera matterport, and enable company tours with images and text using Matter tags.

    2. We want to be able to take a tour of the office in a 3D virtual reality space, just like a real office tour.

      →The Mitsubishi Shoji & Sun Co.,Ltd.'s mascot character "Guide Jellyfish" has been placed. When you go to the place you want to explain, it will guide you with its lines.

    3. We want the UI to be easy to understand for anyone to see.

      →As soon as you play the video, it opens with an explanation of each of the color-coded points.

    Case Study 02 Open Campus

    Tokyo University of Technology
  • 【Expectations and benefits of using VR360】
    1. We would like to hold a campus tour even at COVID-19.

      →Using the 3D camera Matterport, a virtual campus tour is reproduced on the web.
      The school tour is made possible by embedding videos, images, and text in the virtual campus.

    2. We want to give a detailed tour of the school, even on a virtual campus visit.

      →When you go to the place you want to explain, The character "Koukaton" will guide you with dialogues.

    3. We want the UI to be easy to understand for anyone to see.

      →At the opening immediately after playback, tag descriptions and icon descriptions are displayed.

    4. Make it easy to see where you are! We want people to be able to come and go freely around the campus.

      →Pressing the door icon will display the location on campus where you want to move to.
      You can also press the map icon to bring up a general map, which will help you keep track of your current location and show you the shape of the venue.

    Take a 『virtual campus tour』!

    The Tokyo University of Technology conducted a "Virtual Campus Tour" during their open campus.

    Tokyo University of Technology Virtual Campus Tour 01 Tokyo University of Technology Virtual Campus Tour 02
    ■About『Virtual Campus Tour』
    We are pleased to announce the release of "Virtual Campus Tour," a special content that introduces the state-of-the-art campus, facilities, and equipment of the Tokyo University of Technology in vivid 360-degree and 3D images! Through the screen of your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can tour the facilities and places you are interested in at your leisure, as if you were walking around the campus yourself!

    Case Study 03 Company Profile/Recruitment

    Toshiba Information Systems(JAPAN) Corporation
  • Online VR Exhibition Expanded in 2021

    Online VR Exhibition 2021 was held by Toshiba Information Systems(JAPAN) Corporation

    Online VR Exhibision 2021
    ■ About SI Solutions Online VR Exhibition 2021
    With Corona, a whole range of solutions that can be used
    Toshiba Information Systems hold an online virtual event, "Online VR Exhibition 2021".
    This event exhibited many different solutions that can be used for With Corona in the VR space.
    【Expectations and benefits of using VR360】
    1. We would like to hold an exhibition to introduce our IT products at the COVID-19.

      →Using the 3D camera Matterport, the exhibition was recreated on the Web, and Matter tags were used to enable visitors to view the exhibition through images and text.

    2. We want to have a realistic exhibition in 3D-VR space.

      →In the reception area, videos are played to represent the real space. Pressing the matter tag (the tag with double circles) will bring up a frame that allows you to explain the content and play the video on the spot.

    3. We want the UI to be easy to understand for anyone to see.

      →As soon as you enter the space, an overall map will appear, allowing you to grasp the shape and location of the venue.
      In addition, a speech bubble has been placed in the lower right corner to show the operation help.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

VR360 Experience

You can use it as a new web strategy while effectively utilizing your existing assets.

  • Briefings on training, recruiting, etc.

    Experience 01
    Can be used inplace of recruiting and facility information
    You can walk around and experience the office atmosphere.

    In the reception room, you can make an appointment for an interview or deliver the representative's greeting via video.

  • Experience 02
    Training can be done without gathering directly at the store or factory facility.

    By turning the facility into a VR360, there is no need to gather directly on site.

    Facilities such as stores and factories
  • Exhibitions and museums

    Experience 03
    You don't have to go to
    the exhibition or museum to see it!
    If you use VR360, you can use it for a long time.

    For those who are too far away to come, you can see it on your PC or smartphone.
    Voice guidance and character images can also be embedded.

VR360 Services

This is a service that supports the shooting, storage, production, and maintenance of 3D data.
Here are some of the latest examples.

Differences between common 3D photography services

Watch the details below to see the difference.
  • High-quality 360° walkthrough

    Detail 01
    You can use text or voice to greet people and guide them to facilities.
    It can also be used as a substitute for audio guidance in museums.

  • Detail 02
    Display a map in the upper right corner to check your location and move around.
    Play games, treasure hunts,
    The text can then be displayed in motion.

    beyond the matterport features
  • High-quality 360° view

    Detail 03
    In the space, it can display the contents of the website and give out questionnaires for visitors to answer right there.

  • Detail 04
    Embedded video function allows you to video playback walls, on monitors and screens.

    High-quality 360°
Please feel free to request a VR360 demo, either in person or online.