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Corporate governance

1. Compliance

Legal compliance
As a member of society, Heartcore, Inc. complies with all laws and regulations, both domestic and international, and respects the spirit of their provisions. Heartcore, Inc. also fully recognizes the corporate ethics that its operations must embody and is determined to act moderately, reasonably, and responsibly.

2. Relationships with society

Heartcore, Inc. hopes to achieve harmony with the local and international communities, promote widespread social interaction, and make valuable contributions to society as a good corporate citizen. We are committed to understanding the cultures, customs, and histories of different countries, respecting human rights, and treating all with dignity regardless of race, beliefs, sex, social status, or nationality. Recognizing the importance of a fruitful coexistence between corporate activities and the global environment, Heartcore, Inc. also takes appropriate measures to reduce environmental burden and promote the recycling of resources. We are firmly opposed to antisocial forces that endanger the order and safety of civil society and take a resolute stance against such threats.

3. Relationships with customers and clients

In order to maintain and further improve quality, Heartcore, Inc. displays/discloses information on its products/services and makes positive contributions to the corporate lives of its customers. We also make concerted, ongoing efforts to prevent quality problems before they occur. In the event that a product demonstrates a safety problem, we respond quickly and appropriately, working to investigate the cause of the problem and prevent its recurrence. Heartcore, Inc. adopts the perspective of the customer and takes an inventive approach to its products and services to create new value, always meeting change with high aspirations and striving to grow as a reliable brand. As part of the effort to maintain healthy, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and clients, we do fair business in transparent, open competition.

4. Relationships with shareholders and investors

Heartcore, Inc. discloses information on its business activities on a timely, appropriate basis and does not engage in any insider trading of stocks or other items. By communicating with our stakeholders, we have a clear vision of our roles and duties and work to continuously improve our corporate value.

5. Relationships with the company

By building a vibrant work environment where employees value each other's human rights and individual characteristics, respect each other, and exchange opinions freely and openly, Heartcore, Inc. thrives on friendly competition, teamwork, and a powerful organization. We effectively manage our corporate assets and information, including information systems and intellectual property, and work to guard against improper disclosure, leakage, and illegal use. We also maintain strict control over personal/customer information to ensure proper treatment.

6. Code of conduct

Heartcore, Inc. administrators understand that leading by example and instilling the code of conduct in each and every employee is a crucial mission, one that Heartcore, Inc. hopes to promote throughout the company and its group companies. We also strive to help our employees conform to the code of conduct at all times, combining forces to live up to our corporate philosophy. In the event that an employee breaches the code of conduct, administrators take responsibility to develop solutions, work to determine the cause of the issue and prevent its recurrence, and take strict action against the responsible parties, including administrators themselves, in accordance with the internal regulations. The company also takes optimal measures to ensure that those who submit reports of violations or cooperate with investigations are treated fairly and not placed at a disadvantage.


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