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Process Mining helps you discover processes from real work.

What is myInvenio?

myInvenio is a process mining tool that enables continuous improvement of business processes.

Process mining is a method to discover and improve various problems in business processes by collecting and analyzing "event log data," which is a detailed record of the operation status of various applications (ERP, CRM, SFA, etc.) in which the company's staff is performing business.

myInvenio is a process mining tool with a reputation for its superior functionality and ease of use, and has been installed in more than 600 companies and organizations, mainly major corporations in Europe and the United States.

Report published by US IT advisory firm Gartner,『Gartner, Market Guide for Process Mining, Marc Kerremans, 3 April 2018』 myInvenio's development vendor, Cognitive Technology, is named as one of the “leading vendors” in the process mining market.

Benefits of using myInvenio

The following results can be obtained by using myInvenio.

  • Optimizing processes by finding and removing outdated or unnecessary processes in business processes.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by finding and eliminating bottlenecks that are holding up operations and shortening delivery times.
  • Understand the variation in skills among staff to ensure effective workforce planning and training.
  • Identify routine and repetitive tasks that are suitable for business automation by RPA to reduce labor costs and overtime hours.
  • Reduce risks in labor management through compliance checks to ensure that regulations and procedures are being followed.

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