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History of Heartcore, Inc.

Jun. 2009 Established XyXon, Inc., Sumitaka Kanno assumed the post of president and CEO.
Jul. 2009 Increased capital to 50,040,000 JPY
Sep. 2011 Released HeartCore v8 in Japan
May 2012 Exceeded 200 companies of HeartCore customers in Japan
Nov. 2012 Formed HeartCore Users association
Dec. 2012 Launched a new CMS product named "Gyokai CMS by HeartCore" for smaller businesses
Feb. 2013 Launched responsive web design compatible functionality
Oct. 2013 Formed an alliance with Transperfect company
Jun. 2014 Released HeartCore v9 in Japan
Nov. 2014 Formed an alliance with LiquidPixels, Inc. and launched dynamic imaging services
Jun. 2015 Formed an alliance with PredictionIO and started development of AI functionalities
Aug. 2015 Kuniaki Kawaji asuumed the presidency.
Sep. 2015 Increased capital to 50,060,000 JPY
Jun. 2016 Launched HeartCore CXM AI & Campaign with AI engine
Nov. 2016 Released HeartCore v10 in Japan
Jun. 2017 Relocated XyXon head office for expansion of operations
Aug. 2017 Sumitaka Kanno assumed the post of president and CEO.
Jun. 2018 Changed company name to Heartcore, Inc.


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