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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Heartcore, Inc., fully aware of the importance of private information, has established the following protection policies.

Heartcore, Inc. has created provisions to govern the handling of individual customer information (hereinafter "personal information") and established an organizational system in order to ensure the proper protection of personal information. When collecting personal information from a customer, Heartcore, Inc. will clearly convey to the customer the purpose of the collection, inform the customer of the appropriate party to contact for more information, and collect the information only within the scope necessary. Heartcore, Inc. will use personal information collected from customers within the scope defined by the purpose of use, manage information appropriately, and never disclose or provide information to a third party without the consent of the customer unless extraordinary circumstances necessitate such action. Heartcore, Inc. has taken measures to ensure that customer personal information is kept accurate, current, as well as measures designed to prevent the illegal access to, loss of, damage of, falsification of, and leakage of personal information. When consigning the processing of personal information to an outside party, Heartcore, Inc. will enter into a contract that ensures proper information management and forbids said party from leaking or providing the information to another party. Personal information received on consignment shall be placed under strict control and used within the scope of the corresponding contract. Should a customer contact a Heartcore, Inc. customer representative with a request to review or modify his or her personal information, Heartcore, Inc. will promptly comply within a reasonable scope. Heartcore, Inc. will adhere to the laws and regulations applicable to the personal information in its possession, working to maintain and improve the protection efforts outlined above.

Heartcore, Inc. will use customer personal information only within a scope appropriate to the service to be provided to the customer or related Heartcore, Inc. business (or in accordance with the purpose of use established specifically for a given service). Heartcore, Inc. will use personal information collected when, for instance, a customer submits a question, makes a request, asks for materials, fills out a questionnaire, or applies for a gift in order to contact, respond to, or send a gift to the customer, or incorporate non-persona information in calculations for business purposes. However, Heartcore, Inc. will never disclose personal information to a third party, use personal information for direct mailing campaigns about Heartcore, Inc. products/services, or use personal information for any other purpose without the consent of the customer. Heartcore, Inc. may entrust customer personal information to a subcontractor (consignee) within a scope defined by a reasonable purpose of use.



The Heartcore, Inc. website contains pages that use "cookie" technology. "Cookies" are small bits of data sent from web servers to the customer's browser and stored as files on the customer's hard drive. Although cookies can be used to identify a customer's computer, they also help customers use our website more efficiently.

To log in to an online shopping website, for example, a customer is required to enter a login name and password. When this happens, the web server writes the data acquired by the server (an arbitrary session ID) into a cookie and sends the cookie to the customer's computer. When the customer visits another (the next) page to shop or perform other tasks after logging in, our web server reads the cookie on the customer's computer for identification purposes. This allows the customer to browse without having to enter a login name and password on each page, thereby improving the customer's experience on the website.

Cookies can be disabled by modifying browser settings, but doing so may limit all or some of the functionality on a given page


Cookie settings

This section provides information on configuring settings in several Windows browsers. Users of other operating systems or browsers should refer to the help documentation for the corresponding browser.

Internet Explorer 5.x

  • Select Internet Options from the Tools menu.
  • Click the Security tab.
  • Click the Internet icon and then the Custom Level button.
  • Scroll down to the Cookies section. There, you can select from three options for cookies stored on the computer and three options for session-based cookies.

Internet Explorer 6 or higher

  • Select Internet Options from the Tools menu.
  • Click the Privacy tab.
  • Move the slider to select your preferred privacy level.

Netscape Communicator 4.x

  • Select Preferences from the Edit menu.
  • Click Advanced and select from the three cookie options found on the right side of the screen.


SSL is security features to automatically encrypt, send, and receive personal information on the internet. Heartcore, Inc. recommends using up-to-date browsers with enhanced SSL security features designed to encrypt information.

* Note that some services may only be available to users of certain browser versions.

Checking whether security features are enabled in your browser is simple. If the lock icon shown at the bottom of the browser window is locked, security features are enabled and you can use the site safely. Depending on the configuration of the page being viewed, however, the lock icon may not appear locked even though security features are enabled.

The Heartcore, Inc. website stores visitor information in access logs. These access logs include the visitor domain name, IP address, browser type, and access time/date, but generally no information that can be used to identify the individual visitor. Access logs are used only for website maintenance management and statistical analysis of website usage.

For services that customers use after first registering personal information with Heartcore, Inc., customer usage history information may be stored along with information that can be used to identify an individual customer. However, Heartcore, Inc. places this type of information within the scope of personal information. If Heartcore, Inc. intends to associate this history information with personal information for a purpose not listed below, the customer will be informed of the purpose for each corresponding service in advance.


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