For Optimal Customer Experiences, HeartCore CMS / CXM

Management philosophy

We are a happiness provider.

What is a happiness provider?
Isn't Heartcore, Inc. supposed to be an IT company providing CMS and CXM products?
These questions may come to your mind.
However, this is the philosophy we value most.

If you are for example planning to buy a house, what kind of thoughts would be in your mind?
"In a living room, a couch goes here and a TV goes here...", "In a kitchen, I want to put this and this here..."
Like this, you probably imagine yourself living happily in the house.
Also, when you shop for clothes, you must imagine yourself feeling excited about going out for a date, dinner or a trip in the new clothes, instead of just wanting to buy the clothes themselves.

Then in what kind of situations do they purchase HeartCore?
There should be no one who simply wants to have HeartCore CXM.
They purchase HeartCore CXM because they have thoughts like "We want to realize various things on our Web using HeartCore CXM.", "We want to transform our Web into a totally new site."

In short, they purchase HeartCore CXM as a means of achieving happiness for themselves. We are a company who helps our customers achieve happiness, not a company who sells products. There is no point in using HeartCore CXM unless our customers are happy.

We are a happiness provider. We certainly help our customers achieve happiness.


It has become the time when companies are required to manage a huge amount of content, collaborate with other kinds of business processes and build infrastructure which would fulfill customers' needs. To make it happen, companies need a content management system (CMS) that allows easy implementation of a wide range of features including content creation, analysis, search capability and access controls into their websites, and enables them to deliver and receive content at the best time responding market changes. A customer experience management system (CXM) is also becoming essential for companies to manage customers and deliver personalized content based on the user's behavior, device, location and context. CXM is also required to take a role in analyzing big data to deliver even subconscious wants and needs of customers.
Furthermore, these capabilities are not supposed to be limited to general websites but also to various kinds of services such as E-commerce, smartphone sites, smartphone apps, SNS, blogs, and digital signage. CMS and CXM need to provide rich features to fill the new generation of customers' needs. Heartcore, Inc. introduces various types of business components including the next-generation CMS "HeartCore" and the new-generation CXM "HeartCore CXM" into the world as well as provides different services to create higher values for their customers.


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