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Key Features

Built on some of the most advanced process mining algorithms ever made,
Apromore provides the full spectrum of process mining capabilities.


Shared workspace of process models and logs

Our collaborative repository workspace allows you to easily share process models and event logs across your enterprise.

Discovery of process maps and BPMN models

Automatically discover a process map or your “as-is” BPMN model from an event log – and dynamically switch between the two views. with our BPM modeler, you can change process perspective to focus on resources, roles, business object states – and create a simplified view of your model.


Performance overlays

Conduct powerful analyses of frequencies and durations of activities and handovers, using a range of statistic measures overlaid on a process map or BPMN model.

Visual filtering

Focus on what matters. Reduce the complexity of your data by slicing and dicing event logs. A wide range of filtering capabilities are at your fingertips via an intuitive point-and-click interface. No coding needed. Filter by case variant, timeframe, various performance measures, specific execution paths, degree of rework, any attribute-value pair, and more.


Performance dashboards

Get the full picture with performance dashboards. See detailed statistics at different levels of abstraction using a wide range of dashboard charts. Inspect your process data case by case or by case variant, to find out who did what, when, and how often. Build custom dashboards to focus on what matters to you. Apromore comes with extended customization of performance dashboards, which comes with more customization options, KPI thresholds and reference lines for better decision making.

Flow comparison and multi-log animation

Visually compare two or more process variants to identify structural differences. Animate variants simultaneously to understand differences in temporal dynamics.


Rule-based and model-based conformance

Compare “expected processes”, in the forms of business rules or BPMN models, against “actual processes” as recorded in your event logs. This helps you spot discrepancies, identify sources of non-compliance and assess their impact.

Complete authoring environment

You have full control to create and edit BPMN process models, share them with colleagues, and perform advanced operations such as finding similar models in the repository, merging models, and using them as input for log animation, conformance checking and process simulation.


What-if process mining

Define as-is & what-if simulation scenarios on top of BPMN models, simulate them to assess the impact of potential changes in contextual factors and improvement interventions, using a wide range of comparative analytics.

Connectivity and ETL pipelines

Connect with a variety of client systems and schedule custom extract-transform-load (ETL) pipelines to ingest data into Apromore at the desired cadence (e.g. weekly, monthly). Export the generated analytics for consumption via third-party BI tools.


Predictive business process monitoring

Train machine learning models to predict different process characteristics and watch predictions refresh in real time, as your process cases unfold. Train your models for a variety of prediction problems, including case outcome, SLA violations, remaining time, next activity, and case continuation.


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