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Core Differentiators

Discover Apromore's key differentiating factors.

Apromore process mining software is a savvy blend of intuitive design and advanced functionality, resting on top of a robust open-source engine built by the top experts in the field of process mining since 2009. Our recipe for unlocking value from transactional data is to offer the best process mining functionality with a smooth look & feel and seamless connections to a variety of data sources. Last but not least, we have the most flexible pricing in the market.


Underpinned by a decade of process mining research at the University of Melbourne and other world-leading labs, Apromore features some of the most advanced process mining algorithms ever made.

Pure Player

Our product is strongly focused on process mining and AI-driven process improvement. This enables a best-of-breed approach to digital transformation and operational excellence.


Started in 2009, Apromore is one of the most established process mining tools in the market. Our strong roots are guarantee for a solid and innovative product.

Intuitive Design

Form and function are blended into a sleek and easy-to-use interface. Even the most advanced analysis functionality is exposed via a no-code approach.


Open Source

We proudly offer an open source process mining tool. Our core engine is open, transparent and seamlessly extensible, supported by a lively community of researchers and professionals on a global scale.

Flexible Pricing

Our capacity-based pricing is designed to scale with your needs. This lets you build your process mining practice incrementally. We have options for organizations, consultants and individuals.



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