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4th July, 2022
HeartCore, Inc.

News Release

released "How to List on NASDAQ for Small Companies with Annual Sales of Less than 1 Billion Yen" on 4th July.
〜Japan's first NASDAQ listing guidebook revealed by the CEO of the third Japanese company to go public on NASDAQ〜

Tokyo, July, 4th, 2022-- HeartCore, Inc. (Headoffice: Shinagawa-city, Tokyo, President: Sumitaka Kanno, hereafter HeartCore) released "How to List Japan's first NASDAQ listing guidebook revealed by HeartCore President and CEO Junko Jinno, the third company in Japan to list on NASDAQ by ACHIEVEMENT PUBLISHING.

HeartCore became the third Japanese company to list on the Nasdaq Capital Market in February 2022.In this book, Kanno, President and CEO of HeartCore, writes specifically about the procedure and flow of listing on NASDAQ, which had not been revealed before, based on his own experience.

Said CEO Sumitaka Kanno.

The reason I wrote this book was because my own experience of listing on NASDAQ was so different from the information available on the street and at seminars, and I felt a sense of duty that someone with experience should correct it. It is possible to get listed on NASDAQ in six months even if you have done nothing. It is an unfounded rumor that it takes at least two years. It is also said that it takes at least 3M (360 million yen) and usually 400 million yen, but it is possible to list if you can prepare at least 50 million yen in cash. I think there are so many companies that have given up on listing on NASDAQ because of misinformation; NASDAQ will always allow you to list if you meet the criteria.

Book Information

Book Information
Book Title
How to List on NASDAQ for Small Companies with Annual Sales of Less than 1 Billion Yen
Sumitaka Kanno, Founder, President and CEO, HeartCore Inc.
List price
1,540 yen (tax included)
Publish date
4th July, 2022
Number of pages


How can a small company with annual sales of less than 1 billion yen be listed on NASDAQ?
Chapter 1
Advantages and Disadvantages of NASDAQ
Chapter 2
Differences from the Japanese stock market
Chapter 3
Preparation for listing
Chapter 4
HeartCore's Road to Listing
Chapter 5
Tips on deciding to go public

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