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February 19, 2022
Heartcore, Inc.

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Signed a license agreement of process mining (Heartcore myInvenio) and analysis services for NTT group company

Use process mining (Heartcore myInvenio) to find the hidden costs, human resources, and lead times under the surface.

NTT group company chose our process mining (Heartcore myInvenio) out of many others process mining tool.

Heartcore myInvenio is a process mining tool that enables continuous improvement of business processes. Process mining is a method to discover and improve various problems in business processes by collecting and analyzing "event log data," which is a detailed record of the operation status of various applications (ERP, CRM, SFA, etc.) in which the company's staff is performing business.

HeartCore will work with NTT group company to discover hidden things using Heartcore myInvenio.

About Heartcore myInvenio

Process mining is a technology that investigates the mountains of data in enterprise event logs to discover and present end-to-end processes that the organization is performing to complete work. Event logs are essentially banks of data that store different information. The benefit of myInvenio is that it presents the process it successfully mined, along with the process’ variants and suggestions on how to optimize and improve that process. Like task mining, the most common use case for adopting process mining technology is to improve processes, with the ideal goal of automating them for all the benefits and returns that come with automation, like improved customer and employee experiences.
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About Heartcore, Inc.

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Heartcore, Inc.
Sumitaka Kanno
Shirakiji Bldg. 3F, 1-2-33, Higashi-gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
June 2009
Description of Business:
Development, sales, and maintenance of various solutions that support digital transformation (DX)
     ■ Development, sales, and maintenance of CMS (content management) using digital marketing technology.
     ■ Development, sales, and maintenance of CXM (customer experience management) using digital marketing technology.
     ■ Development, sales, and maintenance of RPA (robotics process automation).
     ■ Sales and maintenance of process mining solutions "myInvenio" and "Apromore".
     ■ Sales and maintenance of CONTROLIO, a task mining solution
     ■ Sales and maintenance of 3D-VR shooting (Matterport) + original service "VR360".
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