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Dynamic Imaging Rich Media Platform

What is LiquiFire?

LiquiFire provides dynamic imaging solutions and is developed by the online image pioneer, LiquidPixels, Inc. headquartered in the United States. Heartcore, Inc., as the only partner in Japan, provides its localization, sales and support services.

Dynamic imaging is the innovative technology that enables dynamic and real-time image generation, allowing you to serve a number of image variants instantly from a single master image. Even the most complex imaging processes can be performed at quite high speeds by server-side rendering.

While the web technologies have progressed greatly in recent years including the spread of Responsive Web Design and CMSs like HeartCore, as for image handling, the legacy method displaying static photos and images is still widely used on the other hand.

Therefore, it has been the longtime issue, especially for those websites where images are the key elements such as online shopping, on how to manage a huge amount of image files efficiently as you need to prepare a number of images if a product comes in different colors and patterns, and if a product is displayed in different places in different sizes.

With LiquiFire, you can reduce photographing cost, preparation time and storage space required. Also your website visitors will be provided with revolutionary experiences such as device specific image optimization and interactive image personalization. Improving user satisfaction in this way leads to the increased conversion rate.

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For your successful campaigns

LiquiFire has a great effect on digital campaigns as well.

A huge amount of information floods on the internet today, enterprises struggle with a high bounce rate. This tendency is particularly notable for smartphone users. The rate of dwell time under 1 second among them is extremely higher.

LiquiFire enables you to hold such users by altering content of the images depending on who the visitor is. For example, displays “Message to marvelous twenties” for female visitors in twenties, “Reward for shining thirties” for thirties, and so on.

LiquiFire assist campaigns

Any number of those campaign banner variants can be automatically generated simply by altering text characters. Since images have higher visibility and give stronger first impression than normal text, it helps attract the attention of those who takes only a few seconds to decide whether to stay or leave.

Advantages of dynamic imaging

Increased conersion rate

  • - customer engagement
  • - images optimized for every device
  • - personalized and targeted images
  • Increased productivity

    • - reduced photographing time and preparation time
    • - reduced storage space required
    • - accelerated product updates

    Increased sales

    • - exciting online shopping experience
    • - attractive visual effects
    • - product customization / personalization
    • - increased customer duration time

    Improved asset management

    • - reduced manual photo editing time
    • - shared assets between web and paper
    • - streamlined publishing workflow

    Reduced cost

    • - reduced photographing cost
    • - decreased in returns
    • - reduced cutomer service cost


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