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For Optimal Customer Experiences, HeartCore CMS / CXM


Segmentation from various points of view

Segmentation can be configured based on a variety points of view.
From demographic data (population), such as gender, age group and place of residence, to behavioral data (history of action), such as page reading history and product purchase history, data can be resembled freely and can produce a variety of segmentation at different cut-ends.

Segmentation examples

  • - Single male in his 30s
  • - Living in Kanto district and interested in outdoor activities
  • - Competitive companes accessing from smartphones
  • - Potential customer who has seen a campaign page, but not applied yet
  • - Freaquent visitor with no purchase in the past three months

Creation of segmentation is functioned by intuitive drag and drop. It is always possible to confirm how long a target user exists via a Venn diagram.


Preset segment attributes

In HeartCore, the following attributes are prepared. Through free combination of these attributes, you can narrow down target users.

Demographic attributes

Age, gender, interests, nationality, district, provence, city, family members, language, education background, income, employer, occupation, title, marriage status

Behavioral items

Device, last visit to store (monthly), purchase amount, last purchase date (monthly), purchase frequency, products purchased, purchase properties, price range, visit duration (mins), visit frequency, view duration (mins), views, pages viewed.

Area/company IP information (option)

The demonstration graphic attribute mentioned above from user information registered with SNS, such as registered member information and input information at the time of the inquiry and Facebook, is acquired. However, in the case of “connection from company IP, even the company data, such as type of industry or scale” become able to acquire information, such as “what happens to the weather forecast data of the local Meteorological agency?”, “what kind of area do you completely access it?”, “the option to area, company information IP option”, these are possible to obtain in real time.

Find more about IP option

What's next?

For each of the segmentations that have been made, the most suitable approach that accepted the attribution and action history of the visitor is by performing a personalized setting of contents and images enabled in the same way.


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