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For Optimal Customer Experiences, HeartCore CMS / CXM

A/B (Split Run) Test

Eliminates subjective views, Provides scientifical options

Making decisions based on creative images and catch phrases will lead to a big difference in result is a fact well-known by marketing expertise. With the A/B test, the most suitable option will be chosen from several options with easy combinations of processes.

The A/B tests that are provided by HeartCore are not simple comparison tests that sold in the market so far. The superiority of A/B test from HeartCore are listed as below.

  1. Only adopt result that are approved by using statistics
  2. Not only will most the test be suitable for various audiences as a whole, a special, more suitable introduction to small community segments is possible as a targeting rule.

The A/B test result will not generate the same result for all audiences. Through using the HeartCore service, the whole unspecified number of audiences with the official approval result is called” initial or standard value”. A different official approval result depending on individual audience can be found. Based on this, the most suitable contact point to individual users can be constituted

Split Run

Last millisecond art

By using mathematical approaches, the future can be predicted from large amounts of data, classification and a high analysis function for discovery that are included in HeartCore’s service.
This is a science area provided by HeartCore.

Marketing specialists, analysts, and data scientists suggest that evaluating the results of the business processes to see if the science is fully-used in order to quantitatively inspect a hypothesis is an extremely general approach nowadays, and will be continued to be used in the near future.
However, the use of science in all of the marketing activity has certain risks. As computers develop and the future of computers is unknown, with HeartCore’s ability, the science will surely get closer to Human Intelligence. It has been said that the model that is closest to the neural network in the domain of the population intelligence.

Nevertheless, it will only approach closer and yet does not match up with the intelligence of a person.

For this reason, In HeartCore service, we utilize science and discover what we can find, at the last stage, according to the ideas from marketing specialists, and try to implementing targeting.

Marketing specialists say that an area of “art” can be considered. Mixing “Science” and “Art” will lead to the success of digital marketing. Marketing approaches that only implemented “Science” had several failed examples as known by everyone. For example, same products that were purchased and products for newborn baby in the past, the lifecycle of the product was ignored and recommend many times again. Some large goods products which may be put in shopping cart before the settlement “one more please”, which should have had seen the targeting as recommended.


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