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Super high-speed PDCA cycle

Integrated Digital Platform
for the fastest results producing

AI optimizes content by learning user attributes and behaviors.
Removes heavy tasks such as analyzing and testing, Reduce operation processes drastically.

It requires an immense amount of time and effort to analyze user segments, behaviors and so on from a large amount of data, especially when you try to develop precise communication with individual customers. For such advanced marketers, HeartCoreCXM allows them to establish "Super high-speed PDCA cycle with AI". Let AI do all the alnalyzing tasks, so marketers can concentrate their efforts on creating quality art works, which eventually streamlines ROI of your website.

AI-driven super high-speed PDCA cycle

Auto analysis and testing by AI engine, Drastic reduction of operation processes

AI equipped with HeartCoreCXM automatically determines what kind of creative assets are effective for what kind of users. Therefore your website marketing processes will be drastically reduced and streamlined.

The best campaign management
for consistent optimization from websites to emails.

Depending on the actual reaction of each user, HeartCoreCXM automatically deploys the branching scenario as designed.

With HeartCoreCXM marketing automation capability, you can design your automation scenario (e.g.,content of the email and the timing of distribution) according to which emails will be sent to the target users. Also, these distribution triggers are seamlessly linked with behavioral information of the website visitors collected in HeartCoreCXM, so you can develop a flexible and advanced scenario.


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