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Introduction of IPO consulting services
leading to NASDAQ listing

HeartCore's IPO Consulting

Our NASD consulting services are based on our experience and achievements,
and we are absolutely confident that we can provide unparalleled services.

This service can only be provided by HeartCore,
which knows the differences between the Japanese and U.S. markets and has actually gone public.

Why listing on NASDAQ?

  • Merits of listing on the U.S. market

    The benefits of listing in the U.S. are more than worth
    the cost of listing and the subsequent need to produce results each quarter.

    1.High amount of funds raised allows you to invest more in our growth strategy.
    2.Use stock options to make it easier to attract and retain elite.
    3.After listing, the company can continue to raise large sums of money and use the abundant funds to implement its global strategy.
    4.If four companies, including Underwriter, approve the listing, the company can basically go public, and NASDAQ almost never rejects the listing.

  • Such a different market size

    NASDAQ handles approximately four times as much as the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

    It also increases the possibility of listing.

  • 3 methods of conducting an IPO

    The advantages and disadvantages of each listing method

  • Requirements for Listing

    Here are the requirements for listing in Japan and the U.S., respectively.

    Auditor Audit attestation for two years (progression basis))
    Examination by the lead manager
    Tokyo Stock Exchange Examination

    Auditor Audit attestation for two years (audited in 3 months for the past 2 years))
    Review by the lead manager, the lead manager's underwriting attorney, the audit firm, and the company's attorney.
    SEC Confirmation

  • Listing scheme on NASDAQ

    There are two ways to list on NASDAQ: a Japanese company can list on NASDAQ, or it can establish a parent company in the U.S. HeartCore recommends establishing a new company in the U.S., which is by far the most advantageous method.

    Issue new shares of the U.S. company and grant existing shareholders the same percentage of shares as they currently hold. In exchange, the Japanese shares will be transferred and the same number of stock options, if any, will be issued as at present.

  • Timeline for listing and division of roles

    We can take your company public in as little as 5 months and as long as 9 months.

  • Example of a system to achieve listing

    Based on the system that enabled HeartCore to go public in six months,
    we have established a consulting system to ensure a smooth listing.

Four advantages of consulting with HeartCore

NASDAQ listing is recommended for these companies

  • Accelerate global expansion.

  • Want to raise significant funds.

  • Want to get listed as soon as possible.

In order for a Japanese company to list on NASDAQ in the shortest possible time, it is important to know the extent to which the company has the know-how to go public. However, few Japanese companies have achieved a direct listing on NASDAQ.

HeartCore, which knows the differences between the Japanese and U.S. markets and has actually gone public, can support your company's NASDAQ listing based on its experience. Please contact us for more information.