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Website Management

Facilitate routine work, Prevent human errors

Approval workflow

In HeartCore, custom workflow can be configured with user access restrictions. There is no limitation on the number of workflow steps.You can also configure passback settings, set up e-mail notifications to be sent to requesting parties, and make requests to specific individuals and even specific groups.

Approval workflow

Setting options: checking out the content while working on it, keeping the confidential information private, avoiding publishers from editing content, and a lot more.

Customizable user interface

HeartCore user interface is fully customizable. According to the user characteristics such as departments and skills, you can enable/disable certain menus and items.

The so-called dashboard feature is found as "Workspace" in HeartCore. In this Workspace, it only lists content items that are related to and waiting actions from the logged-in user.

Start page
Start page is the first page to be displayed right after logging in, and can be set for each user. For creative members, for example, the media section may be the best page to start from.

Administration Menus
As default, all of the sections and menus available are displayed. Some of the sections and menus can be hidden from specific users. This is useful especially when your project has outsourcing companies or each team wants to use some sections exclusively.


Date import and export

HeartCore allows you to export/import different data including content database data and registered user information as a editable format file. This is a convenient function for large data management, external system integration, and backups.

Data export/import

Also, while HeartCore is a dynamic CMS, it has functionality that exports all pages as static HTML files, which you can use as resources for design renewal or as backup files.


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