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Increased productivity by HeartCore's special functions - Design information as you like

HeartCore provides its own special functions called "@ (at mark) functions". With the functions, it eliminates the need for users to use programming languages such as CGI and Java to retrieve data. Users can insert and display any information in anywhere with any conditions. Different from normal programming, complex knowledge or coding task is no longer required, all you need to know is the simple and easy functions provided by HeartCore.

Automated news feed

HeartCore's special functions automate repetitive tasks. For example once a new article has been added by PR members, only the title and date are listed in the news feed on the top page with a link to the detailed news page.

Automated news feed

You can define the number, order, period and other conditions of news articles to be listed. Since the functions have been described during the initial development, adding articles does not require any help from IT members.

Data retrieval from database

Applications and inquiries posted from customers and visitors are stored in database, Confirmation emails and internal notifications can be sent automatically with the posted information inserted.

Email notifications

Content of the emails to be sent can be set to vary depending on what customers input. You can also specify the "from" and "to" addresses as well as text/html format.

Over 800 types of @ functions, Covers all requirements for information architecture

The number of the @ functions HeartCore provides are over 800 types now, allowing developers to control a wide range of information: main content, product details, database data, user attributes, sessions, cookies, browsers, devices etc. Existing HeartCore customers who have experienced website development highly appreciate the @ functions for its usability and flexibility. Further new functions will be continuously implemented along with the evolution of web technology.

Implementation Process

HeartCore Implementation Process

To ensure that companies who choose HeartCore can migrate smoothly to a new site, we have designed the following implementation process. As migration periods vary according to site size, make sure to contact a Heartcore, Inc. representative or one of our partners to find out more about the introduction process for your company.

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Implementation Process

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