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Easy development of multilingual sites

Automatic content translation cycle system

When using automatic content translation cycle system, this will promote efficiency of global site administration drastically. Content that is made in HeartCore are exported, content is translated by a multilingual translator and returned back to HeartCore after structuring. HeartCore cooperates with the highest localization management tool “GlobalLink Localization Suite” which is developed by Translations.com, a global provider of language translation technical service.

Automatic content translation cycle system

  • Send requests to translators by an intuitive operation
  • In multilingual sites, synchronization is always possible by using an automatic translation flow
  • The system can be applied to any translation request from any company. Therefore, our system can be used continuously with existing translation companies and people in charge of a company.

Efficient version management in multilingual sites

In HeartCore, it is always easy to carry out version management on a multilingual site. When using the version management function, displayed language will be automatically controlled on the system side, without altering the URL linking each of the languages.

The development method of various multilingual sites is prepared, depending on requirements and site scale.

Identification of display language using browser language preference

Provide language options to visitors (succeeded in linked page)

Changing display language by domain

Identification of display language by the language used to find the website

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